You Were Never Really Here (2017)

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You Were Never Really Here (2017)

Drama | Thriller | Crime
6.5 / 10
Release Date
08 November 2017
1 : 29 minutes
Spoken Language
A traumatised veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.

Cast Overview :

by: Joaquin Phoenix
Nina Votto
by: Ekaterina Samsonov
Senator Albert Votto
by: Alex Manette
John McCleary
by: John Doman
Joe's Mother
by: Judith Roberts
Governor Williams
by: Alessandro Nivola
Towel Boy
by: Ryan Martin Brown
Eye of Providence
by: Jason Babinsky
by: Frank Pando
Joe's Young Father
by: Jonathan Wilde
Joe's Young Mother
by: Kate Easton
Diner Woman
by: Novella Nelson
Diner Man
by: Madison Arnold
Diner Waitress
by: Leigh Dunham
Young Joe
by: Dante Pereira-Olson
by: Vinicius Damasceno
Moises's Friend
by: Neo Randall
Staring Girl
by: Claire Hsu
Drug Dealer
by: Edward Latham
Big Sister
by: Silvia Pena
Cincinatti Cab Driver
by: Larry Canady
Little Girl
by: Ace Ramsey
Afgan Boy
by: Denis Ozer
Afgan Girl
by: Tia-Sophia Bush
Dying Gunman
by: Scott Price
Dead Girl
by: Lucy Lan Lao
Dead Girl
by: Annie Mac-Yang
Dead Girl
by: Lilian Tsang
Dead Girl
by: Mengqi He
Dead Girl
by: Rose De Vera
Dead Girl
by: Tian-Lan Chaudhry
Russian Bath Patron (uncredited)
by: Joseph Anthony Jerez
Daughter (uncredited)
by: Jalina Mercado
Teen Runaway (uncredited)
by: Sophie Piedras
Bodega Clerk (uncredited)
by: Christian Reeve
Bellhop (uncredited)
by: Oleg Ossayenko
News Anchor (voice)
by: Cristina Dohmen

Member Reviews :

The way this movie was hyped up in the press about it being the Next ‘Taxi Driver’obviously raised my expectations and Phoenix being the Antihero ah-la Travis Brickle . Well, did I get letdown like a disappointed kid at Xmas when he didn’t get what he expected. If Phoenix won best actor at the Sundance Festival for his performance in this film. Then I’m decidedly in the wrong profession. He had a one dimensional character, very dark and not much else to him. The hammer being the ‘DIY’ tool of choice , which you never actually see it nailing anything. And there’s no real curiosity or imagination attached to the extent of him using the ‘hammer’. If you haven’t seen ‘The Professional’ With Natalie Portman and Luc Besson and Gary Oldman as a real lunatic cop. Then do yourself a favor and rather watch it. I was largely disappointed in this film and it doesn’t live up to anything it’s primed to. Not Memorable.