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Aktualisierung vom 12. Oktober 2018, 9:13 Uhr:

Inzwischen hat Funcom auch ein Video zur kostenlosen Aktualisierung von Conan Exiles verffentlicht, in dem die neuen Inhalte des Survival-Abenteuers nher vorgestellt werden:

Ursprngliche Meldung vom 6. Oktober 2018, 14:47 Uhr:

Fr Conan Exiles ist das Update 34 auf PC und PS4 erschienen. Die Xbox One wird nach dem Abschluss der Patch-Zertifizierung zeitnah versorgt. Das Update ist die erste Hlfte des versprochenen Haustier-Updates. Mit dabei sind das Dungeon "Midnight Grove", die Religion "Jhebbal Sag" und das Nahrungssystem fr Sklaven. Das Haustiersystem wird zu einem spteren Zeitpunkt verffentlicht. Aktuell ist "nchste Woche" geplant.

Im Dungeon "Midnight Grove" (Mitternachtshain) entdeckt man die sechste und letzte Religion in Conan Exiles, vorher muss man sich allerdings durch eine Art Labyrinth durchkmpfen und am Ende "Jhebbal Sags Champion" besiegen. Bei den Anhngern von Jhebbel Sag dreht sich alles um die Kontrolle und die Jagd auf Bestien. Sie sind auch in der Lage, spezielle Kder herzustellen, die Tiere dorthin locken, wohin der Kder hingeworfen wurde. Das Erreichen der hchsten Jhebbal-Sag-Stufe gewhrt Zugang zu den Klauen von Jhebbal Sag - einer verheerenden Waffe, die das innere Biest entfesselt. Auerdem mssen die Sklaven fortan mit Nahrung versorgt werden, sonst verhungern sie. Die Entwickler wollen das Spielgeschehen mit dieser Nuance anreichern (ohne Grind).

Auszug aus dem Change-Log:


  • New Dungeon: The Midnight Grove
  • New offhand combat mechanics
  • New Specialist Arrows: Light Arrows, Tar Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ivory Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Healing Arrows
  • New thrall hunger mechanics


  • Fixed a bug that would cause thrall health to reset to 100 HP
  • Thralls have now 50% increased health. That is to bring them in line with some of the greater pets and also make it more interesting to take a thrall out for exploration/hunting
  • Entertainer Thralls now provide buffs after having been on follow mode
  • The Crocodile boss near the N'batu's Pack is no longer stuck and attacks the player
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would stop aggroing after a player teleported several times.
  • Pets and Thralls that get stuck will now teleport back to the location they were deployed.


  • Optimized database cleaning to remove inactive clans
  • Better randomization for Purge spawn options
  • Distracted Purgers will no longer get sidetracked by random Points of Interest.
  • Set initial purge countdown to 15 minutes


  • New Dungeon: The Midnight Grove
  • Added Werewolves
  • Added Nightvision Potion, allowing players to see more clearly when it's dark
  • Added new offhand combat mechanics
  • Added new Specialist Arrows: Light Arrows, Tar Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ivory Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Healing Arrows
  • Thralls will now need to be fed in order to survive. Place food items into their inventory to feed them, or use the Thrall Pot to distribute food automatically. It will take a companion about 7 days to go from filled to starving
  • Added the option to visually remove text on signs made by people outside your guild. You will only see it if you click on it.
  • Added the option to visually remove text from all signs. You will only see it if you click on it.
  • Beehives now require Queen Bees to produce honey


  • Added new combat animations

    • The Sword/Axe/Mace and Shield heavy chain will now incorporate shield bashes
    • Throwing axes are now a part of your heavy chain combos when wielded with Swords, Axes and Maces
  • Added new attack to the Spider Tarantula Boss
  • Added new attack to the Crocodile Boss
  • New knockback setup and animations for monsters
  • New Rocknose animations
  • Added new idle and threat animations
  • Updated surface swimming to work with a glowstick


  • We have added the ability to use bait to force a specific result in fish traps. For example, if you want Unappetizing Fish, you can force that outcome with insects. Grubs will catch Exotic Fish. No bait means you get a random fish, which is the way they work in the Live servers.
  • Preservation box's inventory space is increased. Food will not decay in them if there's ice in the box
  • Beehives behave differently: They still collect honey over time, but Worker Bees and Queen Bees will produce a lot more honey than an empty beehive

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