Batman Returns (1992)

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Batman Returns (1992)

Action | Fantasy
6.7 / 10
Release Date
19 June 1992
2 : 6 minutes
Spoken Language
Having defeated the Joker, Batman now faces the Penguin - a warped and deformed individual who is intent on being accepted into Gotham society. Crooked businessman Max Schreck is coerced into helping him become Mayor of Gotham and they both attempt to expose Batman in a different light. Selina Kyle, Max's secretary, is thrown from the top of a building and is transformed into Catwoman - a mysterious figure who has the same personality disorder as Batman. Batman must attempt to clear his name, all the time deciding just what must be done with the Catwoman.

Cast Overview :

Bruce Wayne / Batman
by: Michael Keaton
Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
by: Danny DeVito
Selina Kyle / Catwoman
by: Michelle Pfeiffer
Max Shreck
by: Christopher Walken
Alfred Pennyworth
by: Michael Gough
The Mayor
by: Michael Murphy
Ice Princess
by: Cristi Conaway
Charles 'Chip' Shreck
by: Andrew Bryniarski
Commissioner James Gordon
by: Pat Hingle
Organ Grinder
by: Vincent Schiavelli
by: Steve Witting
by: Jan Hooks
Sword Swallower
by: John Strong
Tattooed Strongman
by: Rick Zumwalt
Poodle Lady
by: Anna Katarina
Acrobat Thug One
by: Gregory Scott Cummins
Knifethrower Dame
by: Erika Andersch
Fat Clown
by: Travis McKenna
Thin Clown
by: Doug Jones
Terrifying Clown #1
by: Branscombe Richmond
Penguin's Father
by: Paul Reubens
Penguin's Mother
by: Diane Salinger
Penguin's Doctor
by: Stuart Lancaster
Happy Man
by: Cal Hoffman
Happy Woman
by: Joan Jurige
Adorable Little Girl
by: Rosie O'Connor
by: Sean Whalen
Aggressive Reporter
by: Erik Onate
Shreck Security Guard
by: Joey DePinto
Gothamite #1
by: Steven Brill
Gothamite #2
by: Neal Lerner
Gothamite #3
by: Ashley Tillman
Gothamite #4
by: Elizabeth Sanders
Female Victim
by: Joan Giammarco
Security #1
by: Frank DiElsi
Security #2
by: Biff Yeager
TV Anchorman
by: Robert Gossett
Crowd Member
by: Adam Drescher
Emperor Penguin
by: Bobby Bell
Emperor Penguin
by: Niki Botelho
Emperor Penguin
by: Susan Rossitto
Emperor Penguin
by: Margarita Farrell
Emperor Penguin
by: Denise Killpack
Emperor Penguin
by: Felix Silla
Emperor Penguin
by: Debbie Lee Carrington
Terrifying Clown #2 (uncredited)
by: Anthony De Longis
Clown with Flaming Crossbow (uncredited)
by: Desi Singh
Ratty Poodle (uncredited)
by: Darla