Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

Adventure | Science Fiction | Action
6.6 / 10
Release Date
20 July 2017
2 : 16 minutes
Spoken Language
Français, English
In the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline are special operatives charged with keeping order throughout the human territories. On assignment from the Minister of Defense, the two undertake a mission to Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis where species from across the universe have converged over centuries to share knowledge, intelligence, and cultures. At the center of Alpha is a mysterious dark force which threatens the peaceful existence of the City of a Thousand Planets, and Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.

Cast Overview :

by: Dane DeHaan
by: Cara Delevingne
Commander Arün Filitt
by: Clive Owen
by: Rihanna
Jolly the Pimp
by: Ethan Hawke
Defence Minister
by: Herbie Hancock
Sergeant Neza
by: Kris Wu
President of the World State Federation
by: Rutger Hauer
Igon Siruss (voice)
by: John Goodman
Emperor Haban-Limaï (voice)
by: Elizabeth Debicki
General Okto Bar
by: Sam Spruell
Major Gibson
by: Ola Rapace
Bob the Pirate
by: Alain Chabat
Pirates (voice)
by: Thom Findlay
by: Mathieu Kassovitz
Emperor Haban-Limaï
by: Aymeline Valade
Princess Lïhio-Minaa / Creature 'Candy Dress'
by: Sasha Luss
Empress Aloï / Creature 'Swing Angel'
by: Pauline Hoarau
K-Tron Warrior / Control Room Soldier
by: Jonas Bloquet
Creature 'Jessica Rabbit'
by: Sand Van Roy
Captain Welcoming Mercurys
by: Louis Leterrier
Captain Welcoming KCO2
by: Olivier Megaton
Male Tourist
by: Sam Douglas
Mâatri (Tsûuri's Friend)
by: Diva Cam
Guide Thaziit
by: Eric Lampaert
Captain Kris
by: Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen
Sergent Cooper
by: Gavin Drea
Major Samk
by: Réginal Kudiwu
Pearl Tsuuri (voice)
by: David Michie
by: Marion Roussignol
by: Emilie Pommelet
Boulan Bathor
by: Roman Blomme
Bubble Dancer
by: Emilie Livingston
Japanese Delegate
by: Alexandre Nguyen
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Aurelien Gaya
Paradise Alley Soldier
by: Mikael Buxton
Valley Chinois
by: Yun Lai
Police Officer
by: Anders Heinrichsen
by: Tristan Robin
Controller of the Technical Chamber
by: Yun-Ping He
Guide #2
by: James Flynn
by: David Clark
Commander Arün Filitt Guard
by: Ben Mauro
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Jean-François Lenogue
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Peter Eberst
Captain Crowford
by: Peter Hudson
Captain Norton
by: Xavier Giannoli
Captain Welcoming Palm Müret
by: Eric Rochant
Captain Welcoming Arysum
by: Benoît Jacquot
Captain Welcoming Martapuraïs
by: Gérard Krawczyk
Kortan Dahük
by: Pierre Cachia
Kortan Dahük
by: David Saada
Kortan Dahük
by: Hippolyte Burkhart-Uhlen
by: Florian Guichard
by: Stéphane Mir
by: Thierry Barthe
Palm Müret
by: Pier Ewudu
Palm Müret
by: Andrew Tisba
Palm Müret
by: Yannick Lorté
by: Charly Akakpo
by: Clément Beauruelle
by: Audrey Kamp
by: Anthony Hornez
by: Julien Bleitrach
by: Maxime Babara Touré
Empress Aloï (voice)
by: Barbare Weber Scaff
by: Marilhéa Peillard
Tsûuri / Tourist (voice)
by: Lee Delong
Mâatri (Tsûuri's Friend) (voice)
by: Judith Brunett
Tsûuri Child
by: Marie Barrouillet
by: Cindy Bruna
by: Sija Titko
Tortured Pearl
by: Daphnée Kbidi
Tortured Pearl (voice)
by: Nick Marzock
Captain Zito
by: Stefan Konarske
Major Gibon's Soldier / Igon Junio
by: Mahamadou Coulibaly
Major Gibon's Soldier
by: Julien Marlin
Major Gibon's Soldier
by: Yvan Lucker
Major Gibon's Soldier
by: Tom Hygreck
Bus Driver
by: Abel Jafri
Igon Siruss / Doghan Dagui
by: Laurent Ferraro
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Jean-Robert Lombard
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Leonid Glushchenko
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Akim Chir
Igon Sirus Guard
by: Laminé Ba
Siirt Guard / Siirt Salesman
by: Paul Lefèvre
Siirt Salesman
by: Guillaume Maison
Siirt Salesman
by: Jean-Christophe Brizard
Siirt Cop
by: Patrick Cottet-Moine
Female Tourist
by: Irene Palko
DA / Doghan-Dagui
by: Tonio Descanvelle
by: Velvet D'Amour
by: Doug Rand
Doghan-Dagui (voice)
by: Grant Moninger
Doghan-Dagui (voice)
by: Robbie Rist
Doghan-Dagui (voice)
by: Christopher Swindel
Bubble / Glamopod / Control Room Sergeant
by: Claire Tran
Club Bouncer
by: Alain Etoundi
Club Bouncer
by: Fayet Nsumoto
Creature 'Twin'
by: Kristina Kachinskaya
Creature 'Twin'
by: Veronika Khayla
Creature 'Louis XVI'
by: Sissi Duparc
Creature 'Bird Woman'
by: Noam Frost
Creature 'Tattoo'
by: Pauline Serreau
Hero Merchant
by: Philippe Rigot
Red Zone Captain
by: Étienne Ménard
Warship Captain
by: Peter Lamarque
K-Tron Captain
by: Maximilien Seweryn
K-Tron Warrior
by: Zouheir Zerhouni
K-Tron Warrior
by: Tristan Zerbib
Interrogation Room Captain
by: Elliot Jenicot
Control Room Soldier
by: Staiv Gentis
Alex-Intruder's Voice (voice)
by: Chloe Hollings
Boulan Bathor Emperor
by: Aguendia Fotabong
Boulan Bathor Emperor's Wife
by: Tania Dessources
by: Gaëtan Cotigny
by: François Bredon
Bubble / Boulan-Bathor / Valerian
by: Cédric Chevalme

Member Reviews :

A spectacular spectacle of a movie that faithfully adapts a French 1970s sci-fi comic book. If you think you might see it some day, you owe it to yourself to catch it in 3D on a big screen now. In a world of paint-by-numbers blockbusters, this is an invigorating slap to the eyeballs. The flick would benefit from more focus and deliberation; often, story beats are glancing blows instead of precision hits. The biggest flaws, however, are found in the dialogue, which is at best serviceable and at times painful, probably owing to its transition through times, languages, and mediums. Valerian isn't perfect, it's a bit clunky, but the sheer unusualness, whimsy, and wonder overpowers the movie's faults, making it well worth watching.
It's a fun movie, but it's not what I would call a sci fi classic. It's all spectacle, with eye popping visuals. It creates some really interesting side characters and alien worlds. The drawback is the two leads. They seem rather bland and one dimensional. Their romantic bantering is quite boring. The supporting characters are more colorful and interesting. If you are a fan of Luc Besson's The Fifth Element, you will probably enjoy this. Just don't expect anything too deep from this movie.
  Movie Queen41
Well, the scenes start comin' and they don't stop comin'. Aaaand that's basically the whole movie. No, honestly by the end of it I was actually pretty on board. It took me a lot to get to that point though. The ham-fisted romance subplot they kept awkwardly grinding the movie to a standstill for was chief amongst the swill I felt I had to wade through to get to that point of enjoyment. The primary alien race being the most poorly animated was another. But somewhere between the Rhianna actually being bearable in this, and the Ethan Hawke character I want to see 500 more times, I did actually somewhat enjoy _Valerian_... Somewhat. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._
I guess I am going to disagree both with the critics, wich of course is not at all unusual, as well as with a lot of the actual viewers of this movie by saying that I really liked this movie. I guess that I can to some extent understand that some viewers are disappointed. That would be the viewers that have read the comics that the movie is based on. Unfortunately someone in the production team decided to take bits and pieces from several comic books and mash them together as well as change some key elements. It is really annoying when that is done. It is usually an indication that somewhere some dumbass who did not understand, and certainly did not respect, the source material had way too much influence on the production. It is really a shame since the comic book from wich the core of the of the story seems to be taken is certainly more than good enough to stand on its own. Well luckily the mashup that they produced is actually bloody good. Something wich in my experience is quite rare. The Valerian comics lends themselves very well as a base for some spectacular sci-fi with plenty of weird creatures and spectacular scenery. Add Luc Besson to the mix and you have to spell spectacular in all caps. This is definitely a Luc Besson movie. Plenty of action, spectacular (yes I repeat myself but this movie deserves it) scenery, a fair amount of weirdness. In short a lot of stuff this particular viewer likes. The mashed up story is not too bad. It is predictable as hell of course, even though it is not following the comics, but it is making a decent job of tying together all the action and FX and the action and FX is really the main reason to watch this movie after all. I have to say that I think most of the characters were pretty okay. It seems that the performance of the two main characters where generally not so well received by a lot of people. I guess I can somewhat understand that but I still cannot refrain from saying: Read the fucking comics! Okay it is a French comic and there are probably few people outside of France (or at least outside of Europe) that have read them. Me being one of the few of course. Anyway, Valerian and Laureline are supposed to be somewhat weird, silly and a little bit childish. Personally I think they did a fair job of interpreting the comic book characters the way they should be. We probably have Luc Besson to thank for not getting a some Hollywood, thirteen on a dozen, characters. I do miss some bits of the real comics though. The transmutation animal played a much more visible role in the comic and so did the three information peddlers wich gave a much more professional impression in the comic book by the way. I also think it was a shame that they changed the story of the Muh so much. Their role in the comic book was much more impressive to me. Still, most of the bits and pieces that is taken from the different comic books and mashed together are quite faithfully reproduced, at least visually and the results turned out really really good as far as I am concerned. To wrap it up, to me, this movie was a fun, spectacular, action filled sci-fi extravaganza. A typical Luc Besson movie and I mean that in a good way.
  Per Gunnar Jonsson
I like this Movie very much. It reminds a bit about Avatar & John Carter. I can not Understand why it did Not make it to the Australian Cinemas. For this type of High Budget it would be worth watching in 3D Cinemas. I gave it 10/10 **********