Jason Bourne (2016)

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Jason Bourne (2016)

Action | Thriller
6.1 / 10
Release Date
27 July 2016
2 : 3 minutes
Spoken Language
The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.

Cast Overview :

Jason Bourne
by: Matt Damon
Heather Lee
by: Alicia Vikander
Robert Dewey
by: Tommy Lee Jones
by: Vincent Cassel
Nicky Parsons
by: Julia Stiles
Aaron Kalloor
by: Riz Ahmed
Craig Jeffers
by: Ato Essandoh
Director NI Edwin Russell
by: Scott Shepherd
Malcolm Smith
by: Bill Camp
Christian Dassault
by: Vinzenz Kiefer
by: Stephen Kunken
Greek Van Driver
by: Ben Stylianou
by: Kaya Yuzuki
Lead Hub Tech
by: Matthew O'Neill
Cyber Hub Tech
by: Lizzie Phillips
Athens Alpha Agent
by: Paris Stangl
Richard Webb
by: Gregg Henry
Hub Tech
by: Matt Blair
Hub Tech
by: Amy De Bhrún
Hub Tech
by: Akie Kotabe
Hub Tech
by: Robin Crouch
Athens Bravo Agent
by: Joe Kennard
Athens Bravo Agent
by: Miguel Alves-Khan
Government Lawyer
by: Robert Stanton
London Alpha Agent
by: Duran Fulton Brown
London Bravo Agent
by: Charles Jarman
Immigration Officer
by: Jay Vincent Diaz
CIA Security Detail
by: Richard Nunez
CIA Security Detail
by: Sonny Robertson
CIA Security Detail
by: James Dormuth
CIA Security Detail
by: Dexter Emery
Las Vegas Event Organizer
by: Jorge Luis Alvarez
Las Vegas Hotel Receptionist
by: Ava Katharina Maria Hoeller
Kalloor's Aria Security
by: Shane Williams
Loading Dock Security
by: Frank Roskowski
Bradley Samuels
by: Johnny Cicco
Dewey's CIA Agent
by: Martin Daniel Latham
Senior Agent Collier
by: Trevor White
Las Vegas Police
by: Sasha Larkin
Las Vegas Police
by: Barrie Brown
Las Vegas Vendor
by: Stuart Jeffrey Cram
Las Vegas Security Guard
by: Brian Duda
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Bobby Akers
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Hugo Alonzo
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Griffin Andrews
ExoCon Photographer / Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Jeremy Angel
Japanese Hacker (uncredited)
by: Jozef Aoki
Tattoo (uncredited)
by: Sarah Armstrong
Office Worker (uncredited)
by: Robert-Anthony Artlett
Conference Attendee (uncredited)
by: Lasco Atkins
Las Vegas Squatter (uncredited)
by: Alphonso Austin
Commuter (uncredited)
by: Martin Ballantyne
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Tim Baros
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Gintare Beinoraviciute
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Marc Benanti
Hotel Chef (uncredited)
by: Greg Benoit
High Roller / Driver (uncredited)
by: Tom Bonello
Cyber Technician (uncredited)
by: Charles-Jean Boucher
Black Tie Guest (uncredited)
by: Allen Bracken
Entourage (uncredited)
by: Vin'Cenzo Burgess
Traveler (uncredited)
by: Anthony Burkhalter
Student (uncredited)
by: Eduardo Jed Camara
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Hunter Cannistraci
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Lenisa Ann Careaga
High Roller / Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Nicole Chauvet
Cyber Technician (uncredited)
by: Shin-Fei Chen
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Jeannine Comeau
ExoCon Vendor / Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Constance Consola
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Angel Contreras
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Alexander Cooper
CIA Hub Agent (uncredited)
by: Jesse M. Cooper
Police Officer (uncredited)
by: Graig Couton
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Lisamarie Cowan
ExoCon Conventioneer / Pedestrian (uncredited)
by: Roger Julian Cross
Greek Demostrator (uncredited)
by: Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Graham Curry
Casino Patron / Pedestrian (uncredited)
by: Darlene Dalmaceda
Amanda (Kalloor's Aide) (uncredited)
by: Erin C. Davis
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Christine de Lota
Media Photographer (uncredited)
by: Steven I. Dillard
Security gaurd (uncredited)
by: Nick Donald
Cab Driver (uncredited)
by: Timothy Skyler Dunigan
Squatter / Cyberhub Hacker (uncredited)
by: Andrew Dunkelberger
Las Vegas Cab Driver (uncredited)
by: Paul Edney
Business Woman (uncredited)
by: Barbara Edwards
Tourist (uncredited)
by: Heiko Effenberger
Casino Guest & Black Tie (uncredited)
by: Aaron Egawa
Bare Knuckle Fight Spectator (uncredited)
by: Daniel Eghan
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Clara Emanuel
Tourist (uncredited)
by: Ricardo Ewert
Bare Knuckle Fight Spectator (uncredited)
by: Dino Fazzani
Dream Staff (uncredited)
by: Nathan Ferguson
Deep Dream Staff (uncredited)
by: Joseph D Fisher
Officer Jones (uncredited)
by: Ellie Fox
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Neve Gachev
Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
by: Alexander Garganera
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
by: Michael Garvey
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Gladis Giada
Driver (uncredited)
by: Alex Gillison
Jogger (uncredited)
by: Philip Greene
Flight Attendant (uncredited)
by: Adam Gregory
Buinessman (uncredited)
by: Shane Griffin
Businesswoman (uncredited)
by: Guna Gultniece
Casino Guest (uncredited)
by: Kevin Hager
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Phillip Allen Hall III
Business Woman (uncredited)
by: Yumiko Hanasaka
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Jeanette Hatlestad
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Michael Haydon
Cyberhub Tech (uncredited)
by: John Heartstone
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: David Hershwitzky
Jogger (uncredited)
by: Jamie Hodge
Boy (uncredited)
by: Yusuf Hofri
DC Pedestrian (uncredited)
by: Ken Holliday
Athens Spectator (uncredited)
by: Oliver Hollingdale
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Kornelia Horvath
Bare Knuckle Fight Spectator (uncredited)
by: Romulus Hotea
Slot Machine Player (uncredited)
by: Jahmilla Jackson
Pedestrian / Café Customer (uncredited)
by: Dolly Jagdeo
Businessman (uncredited)
by: Bron James
Las Vegas Squatter (uncredited)
by: Jimi James
CFO's Personal Assistant (uncredited)
by: Kyle James
Greek Protester (uncredited)
by: Natasha Jenssen
Cyber Hub technician (uncredited)
by: Kyle Jerichow
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Jauhara Jivanji
Conventioneer / Dishwasher (uncredited)
by: Jemarko Jones
SWAT Leader (uncredited)
by: Mark Justice
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: KaiCarra
Greek Protester (uncredited)
by: Lampros Kalfuntzos
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Attila G. Kerekes
Drone Operator (uncredited)
by: Kyle Kesterson
Bare Knuckle Fight Spectator (uncredited)
by: Marat Khairoullin
Boxing Spectator (uncredited)
by: Kaveh Khatiri
Exocon Attendee (uncredited)
by: Slim Khezri
Press Member (uncredited)
by: Elle van Knoll
Casino Slots Changer (uncredited)
by: Steven Krasner
Executive Assistant (Deep Dream) (uncredited)
by: Vivian Yoon Lee
Greek Protestant (uncredited)
by: Kamil Lemieszewski
Conference attendee (uncredited)
by: Matthew Leonhart
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: David Ae Levy
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Raul Limon
ExoCon Philanthropist (uncredited)
by: Frank Lui Geo
Constitution Avenue businessman (uncredited)
by: Kevin Lye
Casino Guest (uncredited)
by: Rob Marchitti
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Maria Marra
Paramedic (uncredited)
by: Garry Marriott
Athens Bravo Agent (uncredited)
by: Alex Martin
Entourage (uncredited)
by: Jason Matthewson
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Stephanie McIntyre
Pedestrian (uncredited)
by: Amelie McKendry
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
by: Neal McNeil
Hacker (uncredited)
by: Addyson Medley
Businessman / City Worker (uncredited)
by: Andy Mihalache
Cop 2 (uncredited)
by: Anthony Molinari
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Robb Moon
Sign Language Interpreter (uncredited)
by: Sean Moon
Passerby (uncredited)
by: Paul A Munday
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Ashley Nicole Murray
Tourist (uncredited)
by: Celina Nessa
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Emily Ng
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Brodi Nicholas
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Jason Novak
Businessman (uncredited)
by: Emeson Nwolie
Casino Guest (uncredited)
by: Lisa Nygard-Pugh
Reporter / Rioter (uncredited)
by: Angelo Olivier
Exocon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Sarah Ospina
Police Officer (uncredited)
by: B.J. Parker
Office Interior (uncredited)
by: Mac Pietowski
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Dean Preston
Convention Attendee (uncredited)
by: Damon Proctor
CIA Worker (uncredited)
by: Jon Prophet
Las Vegas Showgirl (uncredited)
by: Abigail Rich
City Worker (uncredited)
by: Lovell Richards
Goon (uncredited)
by: Jarrett Ricker
Black Tie Guest (uncredited)
by: Joan Riegert
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Brian Robak
ExoCon Attendee (uncredited)
by: Belen Rosenberg
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Andre Rutherford
Hacker (uncredited)
by: Nunzio Santoro
ExoCon Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Shane Santos
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Lani Sarem
Conference Attendee (uncredited)
by: Kaleigh Saunders
Fight Spectator (uncredited)
by: Nicolas Savidis-Macris
Bus Passenger / Pedestrian (uncredited)
by: Mark Sawtelle
Police Officer (uncredited)
by: Earl Vincent Sherwood II
Tech Convention Participant (uncredited)
by: Adonis Simmons
Businesswoman (uncredited)
by: Tina Simmons
Bare Knuckle Fight Punter (uncredited)
by: Neil Alexander Smith
Police Officer (uncredited)
by: Eric Sparks
Casino Patron / Athens Protester (uncredited)
by: Richard Stanley
Conventioneer (uncredited)
by: Elicia Stokes Navarro
Doctor (uncredited)
by: Alyx Stone
ExoCon Goon (uncredited)
by: Aaron Strong
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Georgie-May Tearle
Bare Knuckle Fight Punter (uncredited)
by: Paul Terry
CIA Agent (uncredited)
by: Tony Toste
Casino Guest (uncredited)
by: Michael A. Tushaus
Athenian Passerby (uncredited)
by: Vassiliki Tzanakou
Deep Dream Staff (uncredited)
by: Luke Van Bergen
Casino Patron (uncredited)
by: Tony Vivio
Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
by: Sheila Vossough
DC Diner (uncredited)
by: Marla Aaron Wapner
Secret Service (uncredited)
by: Don Whatley
Tech Convention Participant (uncredited)
by: LaFonda Whitehead
Deep Dream Staff (uncredited)
by: Chris Wolfe
Clean Cut Man (uncredited)
by: Andie Ximenes
Malaysian Tourist (uncredited)
by: Alexander Yassin
Deep Dream Staff (uncredited)
by: Brad Hamerly

Member Reviews :

A SCREEN ZEALOTS REVIEW www.screenzealots.com **LOUISA SAYS:** “Jason Bourne” is a spy movie for imbeciles. The entire film feels like it’s written using nothing more than the vocabulary of a 12 year old and consists of two very tiring hours of repetition. Bourne gets chased, throws some punches, and gets away. Shoot, bleed, run, escape. Shoot, bleed, run, escape. Shoot, bleed, run, escape. Repeat to infinity. I actually felt bad for the actors having to deliver such dreadful dialogue; their onscreen characters literally describe everything that’s happening as it unfolds (“It’s Bourne!” and “I’m going to shoot!” and “He’s running upstairs!” and “The files are downloaded!”). At some point it started to get funny. Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne and it feels like he’s sleepwalking through the entire movie. Even the talented Alicia Vikander phones in her questionable performance (is she supposed to have an accent or not?) and Tommy Lee Jones plays yet another scowling caricature of a sinister government official. There’s little in the way of character development and the only actor who’s enjoyable here is franchise veteran Julia Stiles. What a pity that she’s not given much to do. Even the action sequences are inexcusably incoherent. Paul Greengrass is one of my least favorite directors, mainly because he loves that fast cutting junk where I can’t tell what is going on in the movie. It’s a filmmaking style for those with short attention spans and it’s a sign of extreme laziness. Greengrass sucks all the fun out of what should’ve been a spectacular car chase down the Las Vegas strip. Instead of taking his time and showing off the pageantry of stunt driving with a steady hand (see the legendary cinematic car chases in Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof,” William Friedkin’s “The French Connection,” Peter Yates’ “Bullit,” Justin Lin’s “Fast Five,” or hell, even Michael Bay’s “Bad Boys II“), Greengrass once again opts for the lazy way out and gives us a messy commotion of three second snippets that seem to be edited together in a blender on the high setting. None of the elements work: the film covers no new ground, it lacks any energy, and it simply feels tired, making “Jason Bourne” the lamest of all in the series. **MATT SAYS:** “Conversation” with 5-word sentences using spy and techno-jargon. Quick cut to person typing on computer: Beep, boop, beep. Quick cut to shaky cam conversation. Another five-word-sentence conversation and more shaky cam. Cut to shaky-cam motorcycle chase with no sense of geography. Cut back to computer. Cut, cut, cut. Shaky cam, shaky cam, shaky cam. “Jason Bourne” might as well have been shot and assembled by a seven-year-old with ADD that hasn’t taken his Ritalin. It wasn’t so much edited as jammed together. So little artistry went into making this movie that it’s hard to even call Paul Greengrass its “director.” One of my recurring rants is on the use of quick cutting and shaky cams in action films: it’s the hallmark of lazy filmmaking. When your action sequences are constructed by using cut after cut after cut, you don’t have to worry about storyboarding (contrast “The Raid: Redemption“). You don’t need actors who have any training in fight choreography (contrast “The Raid 2“). You don’t have to concern yourself with geography or spatial relationships. In other words, instead of having to WORK at creating a compelling action sequence, you can hack your way through it. And boy, there is NO ONE working in film now that loves hack action better than Paul Greengrass. And nowhere has Greengrass’s hackiness been on display more than in “Jason Bourne.” It’s his masterpiece of hacketry. I can continue making up new word forms using “hack” to describe this movie and director, but I think you get the idea. In addition to the bad direction and editing, “Jason Bourne” stinks because it’s a poor excuse for a spy thriller. We are subjected to scene after scene of dreadful acting. Julia Stiles (Nicky Parsons) is the worst of the lot, but Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), Alicia Vikander (Heather Lee) and Tommy Lee Jones (Director Dewey) are only marginally better. The script is abysmal, with the characters not so much dialoguing with one another as speaking spy techno-jargon while they type on computers that are constantly beep-bloop-bleeping (no computer I’ve ever used makes so many noises when scanning files). Using words that sound cool does not make a scene interesting. And the plot? It’s barely even there. I found only three things enjoyable about this movie. The very first fight scene between Bourne and some nameless guy — the one you see in the trailer. The story thread featuring the Silicon Valley billionaire that refused to screw over the public in the name of national security. And the final vehicular chase scene down Las Vegas Boulevard — which I liked in spite of the terrible editing (which, incidentally, got the geography of the Strip all wrong). Please don’t make this movie a hit, because then we will get lots of imitators (like we did after “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum“, when quick cuts and shaky cam were used in 95% of all action pictures). Demand more for your money. There are so many movies that do it better than this one. Do you want an engaging, twisty techno-spy thriller? Check out the “Mission Impossible” series. Do you want a well-written story of international espionage and intrigue? See “Our Kind of Traitor.” Do you want well-choreographed fight sequences? Watch “The Raid” movies. Hell, even this summer’s “Warcraft” did a better job with its fights and action that this film. **A SCREEN ZEALOTS REVIEW www.screenzealots.com**
  Screen Zealots
**New officials, new operations at agency, but the same old Bourne!** I thought the original films are meant to be a trilogy, but when filmmakers saw money, they went ahead with the fourth in a new direction. So now with this, it has returned to the original storyline. The Jason Bourne, whose quest to find the answers was over. Yet, a new chapter begins with this like another trilogy is on making like the 'Star Wars' with a new storyline and adventures. Still the theme remains the same, like running and chasing. So the story was just a one or two liner. But if you like the action sequences, this has got plenty of them to entertain you. That's should be a main reason, if you want to see it, other than that the film was average kind. Matt Damon's return for the title role was the best thing happened in here with the director of 'Supremecy' and 'Ultimatum'. I think Alicia Vikander's role is yet to exploit and that would be in the next two films. Looks like an interesting combo between her and Matt, so waiting for the official news. The same formula for this is what disappointing, though not a bad flick. After all, that's how we know Bourne series. So go for it if you are up to date with this franchise, because there's going to be at least another two films if my guess is right. _6/10_