120328 Out Cold

Jesse Matthewson zum Song: "Learning To Be Too Cold" was the last song written in the session for this record. We salvaged a few riffs from a track that we demoed in May of 2017 with the working title of 'the moody idiot', and added three new parts that we wrote just after Skot found out that his father died. The riffs are like scraping bones and metal together, and the lyrics are some of the most demeaning and harsh of the entire album. Skot claims the song does not make him feel good by association, and is consequently his favorite song on the record."

Wer die Jungs auf Tour sehen will, sollte sich folgende Termine vormerken:

KEN mode live


15 Nov 18 Joué (FR) Temps Machine

16 Nov 18 Orléans (FR) Astrolabe

17 Nov 18 Bordeaux (FR) Void

18 Nov 18 Toulouse (FR) Rex

19 Nov 18 Montpellier (FR) Blacksheep

20 Nov 18 Clermont (FR) Raymond

21 Nov 18 Lausanne (CH) Romandie

22 Nov 18 Besancon (FR) L'Antonnoir

23 Nov 18 Karlsruhe (DE) Die Stadtmitte

24 Nov 18 Gigors (FR) CBGC'S

25 Nov 18 Milano (IT) Magnolia

27 Nov 18 Nantes (FR) Le Ferrailleur

28 Nov 18 Le Havre (FR) Fort de Tourneville

29 Nov 18 Paris (FR) Le Petit Bain

01 Dec 18 London (UK) Macbeth

02 Dec 18 Brussels (BE) Magasin 4

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